The Temple

by Sanctuarii

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The Temple is a concept EP by two musicians who crossed their paths on The Obliteration forum. Influenced by many extreme genres, Sanctuarii's music reaches a rare emotional intensity.

Enter the temple.
But beware,
once inside,
there's no exit.


released October 11, 2012

Lyrics and vocals by Antonio "X_Dias" Dias
Guitars and all programmed Instruments by Benjamin "Megaptere" Soubeille

Mixed and mastered by Megaptere




Open Metal Records Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Orpheus's Requiem
My last ode to you
Dear Eurydice
I sing to

A man, that seems righteous and strong
Enchant the world
May not have the strenght to hold on
To what he loves
Causing him to lose everything
Out of foolishness

Life was kind to me
I had such great power
Till i met and lost you
To the realm of the dead

Living my last days
Hoping to find you
When i return To the
kingdom of Hades
I don't deserve you burns my soul
from inside out
Awating death

I, still hear the echo
Of the last time i heard your voice

Track Name: One Thousand Ordeals
You have been brought here
Without will or choice
The reason, only you know why
One thousand ordeals you must deraign

I have waken up
Perplexed looking eyes
Fear assails me

Incredulous thoughts
Bewildering my mind
Answer I must find

Misaligned ground

Extraneous atmosphere

This ain't a righteous site
For a living human being

You have been brought here
Without will or choice
The reason, only you know why
One thousand ordeals you must deraign

A trapped door

Ground falling

Breath taking silence

Obnoxious alliance

Wanting verity
Reaping severity
Grasping clarity
Reaping severity
Such brutality
Reaping severity
Wanting verity
Reaping severity

This is a provation
To my body and mind
I feel so alone now
Is so hard to define
Panic, shock
Dread, awe and fright
Defiance against the unknow
Mistrust I have grown

I sense that the worst
is yet to come
Track Name: Labyrinth Within
A road to the right

A road to the left

A few more in between

Wich one should i choose?
Absent light, or guiding line
There's no way to decide

Strange symbols fill the walls
Dark in aspect and in meaning
Creepy shadow on the floor crawls
Like a dear, old sibling

Uncertain of what it hides
With heart in hands i move on
Unveiling stone cold maze
To exodus i haste

Is all this a sham?
How can such inhospitable thorp exist?
Not even in an labyrinthic mind.
How morbid would that be...

How's and Why's are not meaningful now
Shouldn't coexist with hope
But even that is being lost
Drawn into this place

I realized
Any path i go
The outcome is the same
There's no end to this "game"
Track Name: Voices Reside
Follow the dark tunnel
Below the dark arc
Exit, awaits you there

Isn't this a nice place?
Yes, yes,...go that way
Salvation, from this realm

Why don't you stay here
You are not alone
We can keep you company

We are the ancient
We are the murderer
We are the omniscient
We are your terror
We are you
You are us

We are the ancient
We are the murderer
We had no choice
but to fool..

We are the ancient
We are the murderer
We had no choice but to fool..

The temple!
The temple of your doom

Where am I?
What is this place?
Am I insane?
I'm not insane, I'm not insane
This doomed place must have an end

Labyrinthic realm,
Inside your mind

Please stop this voice
Inside my head

Why this pain?
Why this suffering?

Please stop, stop
Track Name: The Last Struggle
One more challenge
Oh! Can i rest my tired soul?
I'm running sick of these mind games

Traped in this cold,dark room
Left alone with my thoughts
What choice do i have here
If not leave my body fly free

Either life
Either death
I got nothing to lose
I shall be reborn
In a new form [x2]
A new form

So much pain
And suffering
Got me Struggling
For an awnser [x2]

Please, awnser me!

Of right and wrong
Has got them all


This realm has no end
Oh!Creation of the unknown
Illumination I have achieved
Existance is a passing rite

My world is vanishing
Beneath my bare feet
I'll accept fate
my end i'll meet [x2]