Men And Monsters

by Balthasar

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Men and monsters is the second EP from Balthasar, taking its inspirational sources in British horror stories from the 19th century. Mainly centered on Progressive Metal acts, their music takes you through the different stories all along the 32 minutes of the effort.


released August 25, 2012

Balthasar is :

Lyrics: Jeremy Parker, with some help from Adam McNeill and Niall Temple
Composition: Jeremy Parker, Adam McNeill and Niall Temple, with some help from Felicity Parker, Rob Lee and Tim Watson

All Guitars: Adam McNeill
All Keyboard: Niall Temple
All Bass: Jeremy Parker
All Vocals: Jeremy Parker
Drum Programming: Jeremy Parker and Niall Temple

Mixing and Engineering: Jeremy Parker
Mastering: Niall Temple

Artwork by Jeremy Parker



Some rights reserved. Please refer to individual track pages for license info.


Open Metal Records Bordeaux, France

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Track Name: Dracula Part 1
As I stepped off the train, the clouds darkened in the sky
An immense fear came over me, and I knew the end was nigh

Held as a prisoner, frightened for my skin
An oppressive castle, I am trapped within
He plots my demise, blood clots in my veins
I see through his lies, he will cause me pain

Dracula, Dracula, Dracula, Dracula

Searching this castle, I need to escape
Tempted by a temptress, biting at my nape
I give a gruff cry, and I try to flee
Before I am bled dry, Dracula saves me

Dracula, Dracula, Dracula, Dracula

Dracula, Dracula, Dracula, Dracula

As I stepped on the train, my heart lifted
I left behind this foreign land, and I was free
Track Name: The Island Of Dr Moreau
Rescued at last, now I can breathe
Hope in my heart, saved from the stormy sea

Waves crash around me, I'm in the sea
I'm in a decrepit boat
Keep me afloat, keep me alive

Rescued at last, now I can breathe
Hope in my heart, saved from the stormy sea

A mad scientist here, living alone
living with fear and his pets
caught in a cage, cauht in a net

Rescued at last, now I can breathe
Hope in my heart, saved from the stormy sea

Tossing, I turn in my bed
Strange thoughts run through my head
Sounds come through the wall
Take me away to that evil hall
Where I saw with my own two eyes
acts covered up by their lies
Creatures great and small
Vivisected he tortured them all

Now Moreau is dead, his creatures fed
Fed on the brains that were spilled
Their thirst not filled, I must escape

Rescued at last, now I can breathe
Hope in my heart, saved from the stormy sea
Track Name: The Strange Case Of Dr Jekyll And Mr Hyde
Lying awake in my bed at night
Trying to take off, to take flight
If I could find a medicine for me
I'd create the time to be set free

I turn into a beast
Darkness I have unleashed

Life slips away, I lose control
Living this way has taken its toll
I have regrets, I'm sorry my friends
There's no turning back now, This is the end

Death and debauchery
Blackness I have set free
Track Name: Frankenstein
The relentlesss march from cradle to grave
Is all I fear, it's all I crave
Every generation brings a whole new wave
of people dying in order to save
if only I could find anew
from bodies just like me or you
a man who would fight in wars
and see that history take its course

Now I shall die with my face in the dirt
I start to cry, even that makes it hurt
My wife left behind in the grasp of this man
a creature I made with my own two hands
My mind starts to clear I see through the pain
and return to find my wife has been slain
this monster of mine who killed my wife
I must destroy it, take its life

Following this fiend to the ends of the earths
I have caused my final curse
Though I yet live I forsee for myself
a life of hiding, subterfuge and stealth
One should not play with God's great goals
and forge a monster with no soul
I gave him his pulse, I gave him his breath
I created life out of death

Here's the twist in our twisted tale
Our eponymous hero lies dead
His cruel creation yet clings on to life
but sad thoughts run through its head
Killing has brought it no comfort
It tries to take its own life
the moral of this story of woe?
Don't play with a surgeon's knife